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A manifesto on teaching simply January 14, 2008

Posted by classroomzen in Manifesto.
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Everyone has their own reason for becomming a teacher. Maybe you care deeply about your subject. Maybe you like working with kids.  Maybe you picked the three best reasons of all: June, July and August.  But there is one reason no one becomes a teacher: paperwork.  No one sits down with their college advisor and says, “Is there a professon where I can critically read 130 short essays about the same subject in one night?  At home?  For free?”

Our goal at Classroom Zen is to gather the various tricks teachers are using to fight the war on paperwork and put them into one place.  We want to look at what those in the business world are doing with Getting Things Done and similar systems and modify them so they work for us.  We want teachers to stop having to remember 76,216 different things at once so you can concentrate on teaching your lesson.  Most importantly we want to free you up so you can get creative again and come up with fun lessons that develop real understanding. If you’re the kind of teacher who is Googling your lesson plans 15 minutes before the start of class this is the blog for you.

If you’re the kind of teacher who hasn’t seen the surface of your desk in four weeks this is the blog for you.  If you’re the kind of teacher who late to every meeting because you just can’t find that stupid sheet of stupid paper you put down right there not five minutes ago then this is the blog for you.More to come…